Resources and support to help you manage your mental wellbeing

Resources to help you managing your mental wellbeing and avoid burnout.

Simple skills you can apply to your everyday life at home and at work to support you during everyday and challenging times.

The aim of these resource is to help you discover:

  • simple strategies and skills to help you support your  mental well-being (without needing to be a zen master)
  • powerful tools  to help you assert yourself,  become more resilient,  and kind to yourself.
  • proven coping mechanisms to help you mange conflict and form better communication skills.
  • additionally: confidential video support so you can get personal professional advice on any issues that may arise

Presented by Michelle

Michelle O Brien BSc(Hons)Psych; H.Dip. Coun; MIACP is the lead psychotherapist with BuddyBench Ireland, an award winning non-profit based in Kilkenny, that has made a positive impact on the mental well-being of more than 60,000 students in 330 primary schools across Ireland since 2016. 

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 If you're worried about the kind of world your children live in, are they resilient enough, do the have the right coping skills. These past months have been extra challenging on our children's mental well-being, we are offering you as parents these resources to help.

Sam Synott 
 Founder and CEO

Each of the five videos focus on one important aspect of positive mental health and aims to give you, the parent, simple skills that you can use (without any special props or gadgets) to give your child powerful tools to look after their own mental well-being.

Michelle O Brien - Psychotherapist

The lessons and support have been designed for busy parents wishing to dip in and out on the go.  Behind the speed and simplicity, a lot of work has gone into ensuring your learning experience is an engaging and enjoyable one.


Brian Duffy 
E-Learning Designer

What's different?

We are an award wining social enterprise prioritising mental wellbeing with evidence based online courses

The aim of these resources is to help you take a proactive role in the development of your own mental wellbeing.